Banking on Team Ethics is a book and a PhD research project in social psychology with a focus on banking practice and misconduct risk. Now it is completed and the tools it produced are ready to use to help prevent misconduct, this website aims to present the resulting insights to a wider audience.

As Head of Audit for Behavioural Risk at RBS in London (UK), I am leading a team within Group Internal Audit that aims to review behavioural risk within RBS. Auditing behavioural risk is a relatively new field within the internal audit context. The deep dive methodology is based on social- and organizational psychology. The objective of the audit reviews is to reveal insight to senior management on team climates, behaviours and mindsets that drive risk within the Bank, enabling them to mitigate this behavioural risk.

Before joining RBS in 2016, I worked as a Senior Supervisory officer in behaviour & culture supervision at De Nederlandsche Bank, as part of an expertise team that develops and executes supervision of behaviour and culture in the Dutch financial services industry. Since the beginning of this supervision in 2010, more than 60 financial firms (including about 25 Dutch and European banks) have been assessed. I was hired in 2011 by DNB to develop the method for supervising behaviour and culture with my colleagues, and have specialized in behavioural risk in banking ever since. I have worked on the ‘Banking on Team Ethics’ research project since 2012, using data that I gathered in the banking industry in my supervisory role at DNB.

Thank you for taking an interest in the insights of this research project. My hope is that banks and supervisors will use these insights and practical tools to assess and improve team climates with the aim to prevent future misconduct.

Wieke Scholten
March 2018